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ATSA Events

The Auto Talent and Savings Association is the premier destination for collision repair professionals looking to address the talent shortage in their industry. Through our Talent Workshops, we bring together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss and collaborate on solutions to this pressing issue. But that's not all! We also host additional workshops to help body shops improve their operations.


These additional events include:

  • Implementing Lean Processes: Learn how to streamline your body shop operations and increase efficiency through the implementation of lean processes.

  • Digital Production Dashboard: Discover how a digital production dashboard can help improve shop throughput and increase productivity.

  • Finance and Accounting: Improve your body shop's financial performance by learning how to maximize GP and make smart financial decisions.

  • Written Estimates: Learn how to improve your body shop's written estimates and increase profitability.

At the Auto Talent and Savings Association, we understand the importance of staying current in the ever-evolving collision repair industry. That's why our events provide the latest information, best practices, and practical solutions to help you improve your body shop operations, increase profitability and attract, train, and retain top talent. Don't miss out on these valuable opportunities to learn and grow! Register now for our next Talent Workshop and start improving your body shop today!


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