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Recruiting Services

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Collision Repair Recruiting Services

Are you struggling to find the right talent to support your Collision Repair Center or Body Shop? Do you want to create a hiring strategy that can help you attract and retain the best Estimators, Managers, Body Technicians, and Painters in the industry?

Our vendor partner Applied Business Solutions understands that finding and retaining top talent is critical to the success of your business. That's why they offer a comprehensive suite of talent management services designed specifically for Collision Repair Facilities.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the Collision Repair industry, and we know what it takes to build a high-performing team. Whether you need help with recruitment, training, or retention, we have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Our services include:

  • Talent evaluation and needs assessment: We'll work with you to identify your talent needs and evaluate your current team to identify areas for improvement.

  • Recruitment strategy development: We'll help you create a targeted recruitment strategy that leverages the latest technology and techniques to attract top talent.

  • Training and development: We'll provide customized training programs to help your new hires get up to speed quickly and develop the skills they need to succeed in your organization.

  • Retention strategies: We'll help you create a positive work environment and implement retention strategies to keep your top performers engaged and motivated.

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